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      " The Ancient wisdom and knowledge of The Secret was known
       and experienced by only a select few, but now has been revealed
                           for ALL to know and to experience". 
Within this 44:44 minute Guided Meditation with channeled Music, you will be shown how to use and
how to manifest from the great Universal Laws of Attraction and Abundance. As you come to understand
these Universal Laws you will be shown how to use them to attract anything and everything to you that
would make your life more abundant.
Within this Guided Meditation you will also to given the key to personal success as you begin to use the
most positive affirmations which include the great, "I AM" Affirmations.
You will come to discover that The Secret is right there waiting for you to discover, to remember,
and to begin to use as a great source of abundance for you in every way.
I invite you to join me in this enlightening time of discovery of personal and planetary evolution.
Blessings to you with peace, joy and love
~Boyd~  (and for the most recent testimonies of how The Secret can work for you, please scroll down)
To accompany your interactive journey through the Guided Meditation of The Secret,
 two new channeled essential oil blends are also offered.
The Essential Oil blends of "ATTRACTION"  and "ABUNDANCE" will help you bring your own
vibration into balance as you begin each day using the Universal Laws of Attraction and Abundance.
They will assist you as you tune in to the Guided Meditation session filling your olfactory senses
with a wonderful sensation while opening your Chakras for receiving the music and words.
They have filled our home with a wonderful fragrance all week and we're just getting started.
Use them on your body at pulse points and each Chakra as well as in a diffuser for the whole house.
Beautiful blended oils of: Rose, Lavender, Manuka, Orange, Ylang ylang, Bergamot, Geranium,
Frankincense, Cedar wood and Spruce.
The Retail price of $60 is discounted to $49 which includes free shipping in the USA.
To order the CD of The Secret without the Oils,
it is $22 which includes shipping in the USA.
To order the Oils of Attraction and Abundance without the CD, 
it is $30( for both) which includes shipping in the USA.
You may send a check or money order to Boyd Sibley
PO Box 104
Alto, NM 88312
You may also use Pay Pal buttons above or open a free on line service
send funds to: inthenameofhope@msn.com  for "products"
Please respond to this offer by connecting to our email link to let me know you are ordering
since this is a  "limited edition" item.  Email Link:  inthenameofhope@msn.com
All proceeds from The Secret will be donated to The 7 Rays Ranch project for children in need and rescued horses.
Please view the short video, "For Our Children" at: http://www.7raysranch.com
We would welcome you to join The Ultimate Gift Foundation who sponsors the 7 Rays Ranch project
Blessings to you with peace, joy, love, and Abundance
For questions or more information please email or call : 575-336-7486
                                                         LIVING TESTIMONIES OF THE SECRET
Boyd, congratulations on another success project-The Secret. You so clearly and easily communicate this beautiful
message that the Universe is so abundant and willing to share that abundance with each and everyone of us in every
waking moment of our lives. My awareness expanded around your description of quality vs. quantity.
Listening to your CD helped me remember who I am-I help people celebrate. As an event producer I have enjoyed
creating experiences where joy, love and laughter become part of people's living memories.  
Qualities. That's what this is all about the quality of the vibration. Kindness, joy, love, peace, appreciation are some
of the highest vibrating thought patterns on our planet. Your CD helped me remember that these qualities hold the
key for making my manifestations dreams come true.
Carolyn Vinup
Minneapolis, MN.
HPSS Global and Creating Sacred Space

Pat came over last night for dinner and brought The Secret Oils and CD.
  WOAH!  Those blew me away.  The CD itself was vibrating so high I
thought I'd levitate.  I'm not exaggerating that much really!  And both
the abundance and attraction felt the same.  Then Pat let me hold the
light oil and dolphin oil.  The dolphin oil seemed to resonate from my
heart on up and was so soft and loving and seemed to go in waves.  The
light oil was expanding and seemed to connect my pranic tubes to the
earth and above.  Wonderful.  I was giddy afterwards and mostly just
from holding them.  I hadn't even applied them yet.

Thank you!!!!

Love and peace,


 I was feeling "out of it" since Monday, and I have to say that I just listened to your CD,

The Secret, and each time I do this I get up with lots of energy, focused and feeling positive. 

It really helps shift your energy out of fear energy to one of feeling that all is possible,

raising our vibration again and I am very grateful.  Thank You Boyd!!  Cora, Gilbert, AZ


"The words and the music allowed my inner self to feel the potential of every part of my being. 

 The Secret Meditation guided me into my deepest co-creative self, and began a process that is yet to come to fruition. 

 Another of Boyd's deeply felt masterpieces.  I continue to be amazed at his mastery.  

Blessings,  MaDonna Kettler, Hypnotherapist, Silver City, NM.


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