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Greetings Soul Family and Friends,

This new page to our site offers a spiritual exploration into the Cosmic Soul.

The intent is an open forum where ALL may share their insights and experiences as you discover

who and what is your Soul.

     * The fifth article dated 9/19/2008 is our most recent to open dialogue about the timely raising of our vibration

        to that of our Soul's level especially now during this time of unrest and political turmoil.

     * The first article begins as a letter to a spiritual brother but carries a universal meaning and question;

                                         "Are we more than our bodies"?

     * The second article emphasizes our relationship with our Creator.

     * The third article from our Soul Family sister, Constance Corey, regarding

                                          "Having Faith and Letting Go"

     * The fourth article is by our Soul Family sister, Glo Davis,

I would invite you to join us, sharing your comments and self discoveries with all of us.

Simply click on the email link provided to post your comments and I will publish them following this article.

This is an on going forum so you will see the article name, number and date for each selection.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, words and experiences with Soul Talk.

Blessings to your Sacred Journey,


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Article 5, 9/19/2008 ...a return to our Soul

Our Soul is a walking prayer to God. Each step we take on our sacred journey poses a challenging question.
Are we truly following our Soul's guidance or are we following the guidance of the many voices ringing
in our head. Sometimes the chatter takes over. We hear the frequencies of many sounds and voices
pulling us one way then another way. We hear their voices and feel their influences and it makes us
wonder which ones to trust, which ones to which we should open ourselves, which ones to follow,
which ones from which we should turn away?
I have found in times like these that I must slow down, breathe, take some time to allow my Soul
of wisdom to talk with me. Our Souls are wise Beings who have been around much longer than
these bodies and brains. Sometimes it is good to take recollection and remember this so we don't
get too caught up in what our brains are thinking and what our bodies are going through.
Once we fully realize that we are a spiritual being (Soul) having a human experience, we can begin
to see, feel and hear the frequencies of a higher destiny calling us.
That realization alone lifts us to a higher vibration. Then we can help our bodies and brains join us
in this new dimension. We can begin to nourish our bodies and minds with healthy thoughts, foods,
and begin to attract to us those things which are meaningful for our sacred path.
How do we begin our day?
From the moment we open our eyes, who owns the agenda?
Are we as the Soul Self in control or does the chattering brain, body and monkey mind have the
rule of control from the get go?
There is a real difference in how we will work out our Soul's destiny by the way we make decisions
for each moment and hour of each day.
Each decision shapes each moment, hour, day, week, month and year of our journey.
...and we are constantly making decisions whether we are fully conscious of it or not.
In order to change a pattern or routine that has not been serving us is no small task.
But in order to fulfill our highest calling from our Soul, we must begin somewhere and begin now.
It is never to late a friend once told me. But once realized, the time is now.
So don't wait, don't put off until tomorrow. By then the monkey mind will have taken command.
Be the commander of your own destiny, the one that is Soul led. Your Soul knows the way, so
trust it, find it, follow it to its higher vibration.
Begin each day in meditation, in prayer, in practicing raising your vibration. Surround yourself with
nurturing music, with good books and good friends.
You can find perfect peace even in the midst of the worldly chatter that is flowing all around you.
The aura around you is sacred, God given as a shield to help you and your body as it is bombarded
by all of the voices of the world. These voices drop in like war bombs. Don't listen.
Our nation is heating up in the political arena. Very soon we will be engaged in another type of civil war on
the political fronts. Brother against brother, father against son will not be an uncommon reality.
Emotions will be off the scale. Those things thought buried will rise again as prejudices and dominations
will once again come to the forefront. We have already lost our identity as a world power for good and for peace.
We must raise our vibrations out of the abyss of the dark, angry powers that try to blow holes in our sacred auras.
It is time to allow our Souls to lead us to the Promise Land.
It is time to turn off the chatter of our minds, the dictates of our bodies and the listening to the monkey mind.
A return to peace and prosperity is within our grasp, for ourselves, for our nation and for our world if we will
but take the time to be consciously aware and spiritually responsible.
You are a divine Soul. It is our responsibility to act as one. No more playing around, no more putting off for
another day, the time is now.
Raise your vibration. You are not alone. God is with you. We, who also have come to realize this, are with you.
If you need help, if you need encouragement to start, if you feel helpless or powerless, connect with us.
We are all in this together.
The Psalmist once said "Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me".
                  "Look all around us, there is death, there is destruction
                  there are lies being told from youth to old,
                  there are plans being made for our souls they would trade,
                  a tidal wave coming that would keep us from becoming,
                  all that we were meant to be."
But even in this hour of darkness, there is a Light. The good shepherd of our Souls will be with us.
Our Souls have His Light. This was the Creators gift to us before the worlds were made and before we incarnated into these brains
and bodies and monkey minds. The Light shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot comprehend it or overcome it.
Take care of your Soul, dear ones, and your Soul in these latter days will prepare your destiny for you and without a doubt
will take care of you.
Peace be with you always

Article #4

by Glo Davis


Soul Talk

"What would you do with Jesus?"

Glo Wrote:

For the past 13 years that question haunted me and I sort of ignored it...is He half God , half man? Did he come from a virgin birth?

I couldn't even go there but I did know that the energy of Christ infused every cell, every neuron of my being with love and

unspeakable joy. I called "him" my beloved.
Friday the 13th of this year I was reading a book given to me by a friend who has a simple faith in the tradiitonal evangelical belief system.

When I read the author's take on the angel coming to Mary and telling her she was to have God's son, my answer flowed

naturally into my consciousness. That story has become a myth and as all myths it is what has always been true but never happend.

But...there IS truth in that story and suddenly I saw it...or if your doubt my "illumination" you can say that my mind

conceived and birthed the following thoughts.
Why do we suppose the angelic messanger was telling her she would have a virgin birth. I'm not sure the original story is of a true virgin brith

or if Mary was struggling with an "early "pregnancy, which was not uncommon back then just as it is not uncommon now.
  God , desiring to show us "self"  chose a human baby as the carrier for divine spirit. Interestingly, we each carry God within our being..in every

cell of our body, as does every plant and animal ...that is a given...proven by students of cutting edge science ...and the esoteric.
God, needed to bring to life mankind's consciousness of what lies within each of us. To do so  God became the spirit , the mind,

the soul and the life breath of this developing fetus. Mary was told, so that she would not interfere but rather witness the unfolding of the message. 

We are each called to this birth..this awakening to the God spirit that inhabits our bodies but which our minds have relegated to our unconscious .

Jesus would be the awakening voice. Did he not say, "I and the father are one?" When Jesus taught that the kindgdom of God is within,

he literally meant that.  We are ll ONE with the father, each of us carries the divine spark of Source. Christ, who was birthed carring the

enlightenment ,  awakens each of us to the Divine within. the Kingdom of God lies in us.
In the book, The Ego and the Dynamic Ground. speaks to our oneness with the divine at birth, and then slowly over the next few years,

we shut down that communion, that knowing.Our life is lived in ego.
 Somewhere in our 40's to 50's we are called to reunion with the dynamic ground, the current that flows thru each of us...that binds us as ONE ,

one with everything, one with Source, One with God. I and the Father are one, means that when I look at a sunset I say, "hello God showing

self as the sunset, I am God showing self as a woman." And my heart expands with a joy I cannot express.
Rebirth is not confessing how sinful we are, but confessing that we are not singular, but rather One with God and one in God.

Surrendering our ego, our aloneness to the river of life that flows through all creation is the beginning of that rebirth..being born again. 

IN Oneness  I am never alone. In Oneness  joy fills each moment.  As ONE  kindness, peace, and love flow spontaneously through me.
I experienced a testament to that this week. The surgeon came in to warn us that our next patient was angry and lashing out at everyone.

I approached the patient gently with love. I was not groveling, or being coy , I was talking to the freightened little girl inside but speaking in

words that would not offend her adult self.  When she was asleep, one of the RN's in the room said, "Gloria is a snake charmer".
I was startled for what I had done was done so unconsciously I was not aware of it. I responded, "Oh I don't talk to the person who is acting out,

I talk to the person who is afraid and hiding inside."  Her response was to feel the truth of that statement and say, "I want to remember that."
It is not something we DO when we live in ONENESS, it is something we ARE.
love to you all,

Boyd wrote:

Hello dear Glo,
Yes, you have described this connection and relationship with our beloved Creator in very clear and vivid language.
Your discovery of the Oneness as it relates to Christ reminds me of Yogananda's (new) 2 volume work as a commentary
on the Gospels.
This is not something the leftist Evangelical Christian would readily accept with their 'no creed but Christ' and 'no man cometh
to the Father but by me". (John 14:6)
They, of course, take the words literally. I, on the other hand, agree with most commentators that know
the language and understand that it actually means, "by my way" , in other words, no man comes to know God unless he opens his
Soul and mind to the fact that God is the Creator and Father of us all who is in all and through all.
So it is in your words of acknowledgement, "God showing himself as the sunset" or God showing himself as a woman.
All is One.

Glo wrote:

Years ago a vision came to me spontaneously. I saw God as a swirling ball of energy ( source) and out of that energy

emerged a spirit form, It was Christ but I saw that it was not Jesus per se but the Christ energy and I realized

that was what was meant by the first born of God. Then in the vision I saw the Christ energy split into millions of

seeds of life from which all things sprang and again was reminded that the Bible says, "Through the word ( which is Christ)

all things were created".  And so, the energy of Source is carried on the wave of the Christ energy, which is the

thought/the word /the intent of God to seed himself in all things.

Boyd wrote: This is brilliant! to grasp the idea that Source is not just an energy form but is intellegence, has intentions thus

is not impersonal but on the contrary our personal loving Creator expressing Himself/Itself/Herself through all of creation,

both cosmic form and human form. This blows me away in a good way.

Thanks dear one

Article #3

by Constance Corey




Having Faith and Letting Go



I am old (72).  I say that only to let you know from the outset that it matters not how young or old we are,

so long as we continue to learn and grow.


Having Faith


A few years ago, a ranch came on the market, just across the wash from where a dear friend lives. 

I have a home in the city and had no interest in living on a ranch, and yet several of my psychic friends

kept getting the name “Connie” associated with the ranch.  I didn’t know what this meant,

but I went to look at it.  It was definitely a fixer-upper.


For five days, while I stewed about it, I kept having the feeling that Spirit was guiding me

(demanding me, almost) to buy this ranch.  I had no idea why.  On the fifth day, I said to my guides,

“Okay, you guys!  I’ve jumped off the cliff!” and all I received in response was thunderous applause. 

The following day, I made an offer and, within 24 hours, the ranch was mine.  Talk about a

stomach-churning decision!  I had never agreed to spend so much money in my life, and I still didn’t

know why I was doing it.  I just knew that I was supposed to.


Shortly thereafter, I received the information that “they” were sending me someone special to live there,

and that was good news.  Then I waited, and I waited, meantime wondering what I was going to do with

this place, which needed so much work I didn’t even know where to begin.  It was overwhelming,

and I wondered if I had lost my mind.


After about three months, my real estate agent called and said, “My husband and I want to buy the

ranch from you.”  I finally understood.  At the time the ranch came on the market, my real estate agent

had not yet made the decision to relocate, and I needed to buy the ranch in order to hold it for her,

as it was not going to be for sale for very long.  She and her husband have since bought the ranch and,

with their long-standing knowledge of how to fix places up, have done absolute wonders to the place.


This was a huge lesson in faith and trust in the universe.

Letting Go


During the past several years, I have learned a lot about “letting go,” and have been pretty

successful at doing so.  I have de-cluttered my house, chosen to rid myself of old tribal messages, etc., etc.


Then, a few weeks ago, I received an invitation to the wedding of a family member, and I thought,

“I really ought to go.”  (Notice the terminology there.)  So I made my reservations, notified everyone,

and so on.  It was going to be a big family reunion, as well as a beautiful wedding.  The longer time

went on, however, the more I realized that I didn’t want to go.  No one else in my family understands t

he spiritual path that I am on.  I am just “the weird one,” and I accept that.


The fact that I didn’t want to go, however, had nothing to do with not being understood.  It had to do

with being true to myself and doing what I want to do, as opposed to what the mass consciousness t

hinks I ought to, so today I cancelled my reservations and sent an email to various family members,

explaining that “something had come up” and I would be unable to attend the wedding.  I sent love

and best wishes and asked them to forgive me.


Did the proverbial you-know-what hit the fan?  You’d better believe it.  My sister called, extremely

angry, then hung up on me.  My brother said he would forgive me if I would remove the veil of

secrecy about the real reason I wasn’t attending.


Here’s how it played out for me.  This morning I had breakfast with spiritual friends

(spiritual family, if you will) to whom I said I was having extreme difficulty generating any

enthusiasm for this trip.  Their response?  “So why are you going?”  I said, “I don’t know. 

 I need to go home and meditate about this.”


Upon arriving home, I meditated and asked my heart, on a scale of one to ten

(ten being the highest), how I truly felt about going to the wedding.  I couldn’t even

dredge up a “one,” so that told me a lot.  Then the guilt trip started.  Oh, my goodness! 

For several minutes, I could not figure out how to deal with that, it was so overpowering. 

Then, finally, it hit me.  That was my ego talking!  So I knew it was time to have a talk with

my ego about not listening to its messages any more.  I gave it quite a lecture, then surrounded

it with love and light.  Only then was I able to cancel the reservations and send the email to my family.


The friends with whom I had had breakfast gave me tremendous support, for which I am

very grateful.  Then it occurred to me to ask my deceased mother if she had anything to say to me,

and this is what she replied:  “It took a great deal of courage to do what you did.  It is something

I could never have done.  I am proud of you.”  At that instant, several grandmothers chimed in

(going back how many generations I have no idea), saying “Me, too!  Me, too!  I wish I could

have taken charge of my life the way you do.  I feel so much lighter.  Bless you for what you are doing. 

You have changed our history.  We are keeping a close watch on you.”


So here’s the point:  We have to be true to ourselves.  We have to let go of all the “shoulds” that

our elders taught us, if they no longer serve.  And we have to realize that we have the power to

alter our ancestral history for the better, should we choose to do so.


Is it painful?  Some times.  (Okay, often.)  Will my sister ever speak to me again?  Maybe, maybe not. 

Would I do it all again if given the opportunity?  Huge yes.


Have faith.  Let go.  Be your authentic self.  Bless you on your journey. 

I surround you with love and light and the courage to “walk the talk.”


Article #2, 4/15/2008

I have been thinking of you again. This time regarding the subject of relationships.

The saying goes that, "All of life is a relationship with our Creator".
And so it is, every moment, every breath, every heart-beat.
...and when we are conscious of it, it even gets better!
But that is so much easier said than done.
Think about it for a moment; are we really aware of this grand relationship with the very One who
created and sustains EVERYTHING?
I found myself day dreaming the other day.
My mind has a mind of its own most of the time.
But there are times when clarity is graced and during those times I am most thankful to recognize
that there is something GRAND going on here if only I would stop for a few moments to acknowledge,
slow down, breath a little deeper and accept.
The bottom line is that whether we are conscious of it or not, we ALWAYS and WILL ALWAYS have
a direct, on-going and sustained relationship with God our Creator.
There is nothing we can do, believe, think or try that can ever sever or separate that relationship
and connectedness.
Just wouldn't it be grand if we were AWARE of that relationship ALL the time or at least
most of the time.
If so our world would become an absolutely peaceful planet, I am sure.
When I really think about my relationships I find that I have many, many , many and many relationships
that have "minds of their own" and not so necessarily on a priority list that comes close to thinking about
my relationship with God.
Here's an example...and I would guess that some of you, dear ones might hold some ofr
these same relationships.
I must have a relationship with my car because I talk it all the time!
It's nuts and bolts, rubber, plastic, glass and other foreign substances, but
there I am driving down the highway talking to my car.
"Man, that pot hole wasn't that big, Cherokee, what's goin' on? I just bought you new shocks and four new tires
and you punish me at every little bump in the road!!"
...and, " Ahhh, I just put a new head lamp in you and you blew it again!"
Then there are good days when Jeep Cherokee has taken us on a long journey and returned us home safely.
Then he wins my praise, " Cherokee, you're a good ol' car, thanks for taking care of us".
On and on and that's just the beginning. You should hear what my relationship is with my computer when it crashes!
"You piece of junk, I spend $1500 on you and you crash on me, can't even load my emails. What in the world is
wrong with you? Boy are you slow! Monkey can process faster than you!
Then there's the house. " I just cleaned the carpet yesterday. Look at you, covered in dust and squeeky just
coughed a big fur ball on you". Man, how I wish they made self cleaning carpets like they do ovens."
Then there's my clothes that don't fit; and I just ran out of essential oils and mineral salts as I head into my walk in
closet mumbling, " you were suppose to last a whole month and now you're empty. I wonder who else is empty?
Any Cedar Wood left? Two drops!
You don't even want to hear the rest. We talk to everything under the sun like we have a relationship with it
when really the One important relationship we SHOULD be paying attention to is patiently waiting for us to stop,
to slow down the chatter, to breathe, to let the mind and heart be in rhythm with each other; so for once the
You know, if we add up all the percentages of all the so called "relationships" we have,
it may look something like this:
With the car 5%
With the computer 15%
With the clothes and oils 10%
With the carpet and house 15%
With cooking food 20% (that's another whole story, errg)
So that's 65% and I haven't even counted the time and relationship with my wife, Kelly, and cat, Squeeky Boy,
So guest-imate 35% for them and what's left? A whomping 5% for God?!!!
...and that's just my little story. We all have our stories and we all have our relationships.
All I am trying to say dear ones is please, take time for the One relationship that is the most important,
yes, I need to spell it out for my own sake.
Take time for God.
Take time for your Creator.
You can never be separated from your loving Creator.
As for cars and computers, they will pass away. As for clothes and carpets and fur balls, they will all
dissipate back into the molecules they came from.
Everything on Earth will eventually find its way into a land fill. Even these bodies will stop functioning
and eventually return to dust.
So let that which is beyond the body and mind have its turn. Nourish your Souls. Let your Souls sing
each day of the love you feel, for the joy that is yours because you know in Whom you believe and
have an eternal relationship.
Set you mind and heart on things above and not on this world.
Take time for the I AM inside of You and take time for having the most meaningful
relationship with your beloved Creator.
We don't have all the time in the world.
We only have NOW!

Article #1, 9/11/2007

  I’ve been thinking of writing to you for a long time about an onion.

It grows in layers from its core. Each layer can be peeled away until

you are left with the core.

Sometimes the journey back to our Soul or core self seems either impossible,

or too scary, or "not enough time" or any number of reasons why not to return

to the place from which we started.

For some that journey will not take place in this life time because of their belief

system doubting that the Soul even exists let alone a journey back to it.

...and its really not a journey "back" as if we can go back in a time machine

or mental exercise to uncover all of our past memories, experiences, etc. to

finally arrive at something called the Soul.

It's more of a journey forward "to" the Soul.

But in taking the journey or intending to take the journey what is important is

one huge belief or even leap of faith in the beginning. And what that entails is even

bigger than huge.

It is to step outside yourself if you will, outside your body, your mind and your emotions

which have been affected, brutally at times, by your past.

It is to essentially come to the all important realization that "You (your Soul Self-True Self)

are not your BODY.

...and by BODY I don't just mean the present physical body but also the body which houses

the brain, all of your present, past and future thoughts and emotions, all of your memories, beliefs,

and experiences since first incarnating.

If one can begin to grasp that the BODY in all of its make up and elements IS NOT THE SOUL,

then there is real hope in reaching the real Soul.

...and in reaching the Soul is truly finding all the answers to life. In the Soul Self, a remarkable

and unfathomable Being exists. This Being is the pure energy and essence of the Creator, always

connected to its Source, always content because of that connection. All wisdom from the Creator

flows directly to this Soul Self. All intentions from the Creator flow to this Soul Self.

And all love flows from the Creator to this Soul Self.

What happens after incarnation of the body is the process of forgetting the core and true self

and taking on flesh and bone and with that, human existence as the survival of the species mode

kicks in; and poof, there goes all aspects of the spiritual core replaced by the animal instincts of

survival. Caveman not concerned about Soul Self, Caveman looking for nearest club to unleash

physical harm to nearest dinosaur.

And so it was throughout the early stages of humanity that survival of the body became

more of a god than God.

With that, all of the survival "traits" were passed on to you guessed it, you and me, our parents, grand

parents, etc. up and down the family tree.

We have a DNA chocked full of the same caveman basic instincts just a little more sophisticated.

But let's interrupt this caveman mentality or as Sai Baba calls it, the monkey mind, and interject a thought that is

more enlightening since we are in this so-called new age of enlightenment.


What if the Soul truly is not the body? What if It doesn’t necessarily reside IN the

body but may be separate but connected?

What if the very true essence of you is not this body? Then it would surmise that ALL of those things, experiences,

survival tactics, emotions, and base mental processes are not You either. Who do they belong to?

They belong to the onion skin but not the core. They are separate entities but still connected.

This opens up a new portal for exploration for many who have been suffering from the dis-ease of

disillusionment for most of their life.


In stating that you are not your body, the opportunity opens to find your true Self.


For example, if you are not your body, then You are not what the body thinks and feels as emotions.

The drama played out in the emotions of the body alone turn many people into a "survivor and victim"

mentality. And after years of thinking and feeling this way, the body takes this on as an addiction and begins

to always want to feel this way. Our body and emotions get all wrapped up in a never ending circle like a dog

chasing his own tail.

This mentality only adds more layers and skin to the onion.

Where does this mentality come from? Besides the caveman, it is more recently either passed on or affected by our

parents. What isn't passed on in the genes is taught by example. If our parents were kind to us as little baby

onion skins, treating us and teaching us that we are important and sacred little vegetables, then most of us

turn out as pretty content little graduates from the garden of life.

But on the other hand, if our parents brutalized our self worth by physical beating us or verbally bashing us, or even

worse, ignoring us as if we had no worth at all, then our little onion skin had to thicken in a whole new direction that

didn't quite cultivate into the bumper crop we had hoped for.

Ah, but now we are in this age of enlightenment where so many are ascending up the latter of spiritual knowledge 

to the new discovery of Self and Source. No, its not that easy at all, and just spewing out some new age words

doesn't really help unless there is something really to all of this.


What if?


What if God really did intend for us to incarnate, loose our memory, take on flesh, and eventually find Him again and

in so doing so somewhere along the journey find our True Self as well!


Western philosophy falls short of the much older Eastern philosophers who believe that it is the merging of our Souls

with the Creator that is most important. The West has always tried to merge the Soul and the body.

But what if, again, we are not our body?

What if we are not our emotions?

What if we are not our past experiences?

What if we are not the mind set or the gene pool of all the cavemen and parents before us?

What if we are something much more!

Can we give ourselves the opportunity to explore and discover the possibility that we are a True Essence of GOD?
And if so, we can begin to discard all of the former beliefs we had about our self, the body, the mind, and the emotions.

If we are open and willing to pursue this journey, a radical change in our entire life will take place.

We will begin to walk this journey no longer as the body, but as the real Soul Self which is our true birthright.